What can you write about?

We get asked a lot “So you guys write content, but what topics do you write about?“. It’s a great question to ask, as we understand that you are now past the point of wonder why you need content, and you are well on your way to diving into the world of content marketing. The quick answer we can write about anything you need, it does come with the caveat that you may need to provide us with some reference sources.

Do you have any areas of expertise?

The team has written about animals to recruitment, from furniture to B2B sales processes and from car insurance to travel. Needless to say we have quite a lot of experience already, and if we don’t know something we aren’t shy about learning more about it and diving deeper into the topic.

Generally we are writing content targeted for business readers. Many of these articles talk about our customers product, so we’ll also take time to test something for ourselves if you can give us access to it. Skilling up about your business, the industry it’s in and any competitors is all part of the job for a good copywriter.

The content researching process

We’ve talked before about how we approach writing projects, but I think expanding on the research part is also important. Once we understand what your business goals are, we generally we start with a few topic outlines for approval. These could be 2 – 5 paragraphs outlining the main topics and points of the proposed blog post. If it’s something we don’t know about, don’t worry, we’ve budgeted for time to research the topic. Research generally involves

  • Reading some news articles,
  • Checking out other blogs,
  • Wikipedia pages,
  • YouTube videos,
  • Asking questions to LinkedIn expert groups,
  • A trip to the library (yes these still exist)
  • Emailing with some of your staff

As we get more and more knowledgable about a topic we will become faster at researching topics. We invest a lot of time upfront to make sure that from the very first blog post we are positioning ourselves as knowledgeable about your business and the areas it operates.

Tougher topics for us

For us it’s important to outline some areas where we may not be the best positioned to write about things. Some of these include topics that are highly technical that we don’t have qualifications for, i.e. writing about medical procedures for example. We are upfront when it comes to saying we don’t have the expertise, or that expertise isn’t easily achieved.

That being said we are generally up for a challenge, and we are pretty good at skilling up on areas of expertise.

How much do you need to write?

We recommend having weekly or bi-weekly content. It’s rare that we can get to a point and say, “well it looks like we wrote everything one would need to know about that topic“. There is always different angles and ways to talk about a particular industry and product, here’s where a good copywriter with a bit of creativity can help.

We also look at keyword data, to see what you are ranking lower for, and creating content or a series of content around keywords that you are not visible for. As with anything this all takes a bit of time, but we see that after 6-12 months of consistently writing about topics, the search traffic will begin to flow, and ultimately those inbound leads as well.

An investment in content isn’t a one and done type of thing. Our most successful clients have been with us multiple years. We do lose clients, but not in the way you may first think. They ultimately tend to take content writing in-house and give it even more attention that we were able to offer them. Others do more of a hybrid approach, they hire internally to write more company focussed content and they keep their engagement with us to write about the more general topics.

Copywriters.ie doesn’t lock you into a long drawn out contract. While we strongly encourage you to plan your content marketing for a 6-12 month period, we also understand that companies need to be agile as they grow. We know that businesses have other pressures, and we don’t want your content marketing budget to be one of them as well. To cancel with us, all you will need to do is to cancel before we start writing on the next set of topics, this generally is at the start of the month.

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