What To Write About On Your Business Blog

Business blog writing shouldn’t be a struggle. If you need ideas of what to write or how to find the time to keep your business blog alive, follow these tips to make blogging easier and more effective.

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16 Business Blog Post Ideas

When writing blog posts, try to mix up the content a bit. If you only write the same type of article, you are going to get bored of it quickly and so will your readers.

Here are some great post ideas to make business blog writing a little easier. Refer back to this list the next time you are adding a new post to your business blog:

  1. Review a book, product, or film related to your industry. Give your readers an honest review and provide a short summary for readers who may not have read the book or seen the movie.
  2. Create an ultimate “how to” guide. These are fantastic ways to create long-form posts rich in keywords that rank highly in searches. They provide a lot of useful information to readers and can be written for smaller niches, such as “The Complete Beginner’s Guide To…”
  3. Interview someone in your field. This has the added advantage of the interviewee sharing the blog post with their audience as well.
  4. Create a list. Share your top 10, 30 worst, 17 cheapest, etc. books, blogs, products, or anything else you can think of.
  5. Address recent industry news and share your opinion on it. If you can stay on top of industry news, you may be able to be the one to inform your followers about it. Giving your opinion provides your own slant to the topic.
  6. Share what you wish you knew before you started
  7. Create a poll to find out more about your followers
  8. Share a secret tip or trick
  9. Make a pros and cons list about something. Share the good points and the bad of a given topic.
  10. Curate or summarise someone else’s work. Summarise a book you’ve read, or curate helpful information on a specific subject.
  11. Create a list of common mistakes in your industry. Try to narrow this down to a specific topic, such as “7 common mistakes you’re making when hiring administrative staff”.
  12. Create a “hack” for doing something very quickly. If you know a quick way to do something, share it.
  13. Publish a list of the most useful resources for something. If you don’t have enough time to create an ultimate how-to guide, share great resources so your readers can still get valuable information.
  14. Answer your FAQs. This can be done in two ways. If you commonly get emails or messages with questions, you can take the answers you’ve already written and turn them into blog posts. If you can preemptively write blog posts that address the questions you expect to be asked, you can always direct people to the posts if and when they ask you.
  15. Ask multiple people the same question, and create a post detailing their answers. Reach out to some influential people in your industry and ask them a question; be sure you get their permission to publish their answer on your blog, and give them credit in your post.
  16. Highlight the key takeaways from an event or conference. Not everyone can attend events, so if you’ve gone to one, create a post for the people who weren’t there.

5 Tips To Create Business Blog Posts When You Don’t Have The Time Or Expertise

If you don’t have much experience in business blog writing, it can seem like an overwhelming task. How are you going to find the time to do it all?

The secret is to maximise the impact of the time you do have. You may not have hours and hours to craft a new blog post every day, but if you can create one useful post per week, you’ll be better off. Use your time wisely to work smarter.

  1. Take the time to define your target audience – who are you trying to reach with your business blog? What kind of information would they find helpful or interesting?
  2. Keep your content concise; avoid repetition and unnecessary wordiness. When you make your content easy to read, people are more likely to stay on your blog and come back again.
  3. Use short paragraphs and subheadings to break up the post. This allows people to skim over the outline of your article and see what it’s all about.
  4. Create a detailed outline first, so you know what you plan to write about. This will keep your thoughts organised and help keep you on topic as you write.
  5. To get the most impact from your posts, make them helpful, entertaining, or both. Provide useful information that people may be searching for, or amusing content that people might want to share with their friends. This will give your blog the best chance to increase traffic.

You can create a great business blog even if you don’t think you’re an expert writer. Writing on a blog is very different from writing in a classroom. If you take the time to think through what you are writing and whom you are writing for, your blog posts will do well.

Focus on creating helpful content in a conversational tone that your target audience will find useful or entertaining. Although business blog writing may be difficult for you to start, the more you write the easier it will become. Vary your content style; for example, write an ultimate how-to guide, a book review, a top ten list, and an interview so that your audience doesn’t get tired of the same format all the time and you don’t get bored of writing your business blog. You don’t need a lot of time or experience in blog writing to create awesome content that keeps your target audience coming back for more.

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