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Are you in need of some help with your copy ? Do you want someone to bring a new perspective to your articles or web pages ? Then perhaps you need someone to rewrite your copy.

Copy that works well on print may not translate so well into a web page format. Paragraphs may need merging or splitting, sub-headings can add an extra level of readability or without additional keywords search engines may not rank your site in searches. Rewriting can add a certain level of polish to your existing copy. You want to avoid publishing something that is less than perfect. Mistakes can be costly and cause you loss in sales. Potential clients may be deterred in their purchasing because you haven’t taken the time to spell check your product descriptions.

Having someone, whether it’s us or someone internally in your business, perform these continuity checks will help you avoid these mistakes.

Ideas for repurposing content

Clients sometimes come to us, and say they don’t have any much usable content for their websites, and their budget doesn’t extend far enough to get someone to research and write articles on a regular basis. In this case we can help reuse existing material, and build blog posts or info pages for your site. Here are some ideas on how you can repurpose existing material.

Do you have an extensive training manual that we could put into a series of blog posts ? Sharing your operation procedures or tips shows that you come from a certain level of expertise. This type of content is likely to be of use to some of your potential clients.

Another tip for repurposing content can come from your support emails. Do you have many people asking certain questions, that could be used to build a FAQ page ? Often businesses will have standard email replies for issues that appear regularly, this could be a great seed to start to build some new webpages.

It’s often that our clients don’t realise just how much content they have ready, it just might be the case that it needs some rework to make it fit for being shown online.

Updating old content

It’s important to invest in maintaining your content. Keeping it up to date and fresh will insure that the information on your website is as accurate as possible.

Repurposing content

One great tip we’ve seen actioned again and again by great brands is to reuse recorded video and audio content for seeds to written content. Especially if you’ve already gone to the trouble of collecting video and audio, having it transcribed and repurposed can be a great starting point for making better content.

Making your content unique

Is your content unique on the internet ? Are you using product descriptions that have been made available to hundreds of suppliers ? In many cases if you have a catalog of products you will get some general descriptive text for each product. Issues can occur if the description you have is the same as what’s on your competitors websites. Having your content rewritten can avoid issues of duplicate content, and can offer a way to distinguish you from your competitors in the eyes of the search engines.

Rewriting Service

Our service can involve some or all of the following:

  • Grammar checking
  • Shortening or lengthening sentences
  • Re-arranging of paragraphs for clarity
  • Improving the general level of English used
  • Optimising the content for online reading
  • Optimising the content for search engines
  • Migrating from US to British English (or vice-versa)

Depending on the brief we can do all or some of these aspects. What’s important is is that your copy is the best that it can be, and it works as best as possible.

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