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We are still getting set up here, but we are working hard to iron out all the issues with our website. Hopefully all the products that we intend on selling (about 6) will be added in the coming days. Of course if you want to discuss a certain specific project, or plan something more tailored to you, please feel free to drop us a line.

What we do

We can edit and write your web content on your behalf. Be it researching and creating new and interesting articles for your blog, or updating of your existing content to make it more up-to-date or engaging, we can do it all. We see ourselves as content experts. We are able to deliver high quality, well researched content for your website. We particularly enjoy writing descriptions of products for web shops. Our customers have been happy with our approach for writing copy that helps sells products online.

One of the areas where we have particular experience is in writing longer form content that is optimised for Search Engine Optimisation or SEO. We research the keywords that are searched the most, for your particular area and integrate them into the body of your content we prepare for you. Let us fill in the gaps in your content to make sure that people are finding your website easily when they go to Google or other search engines.

A custom approach

If you don’t see a product that suits your needs, feel free to drop us an email and we can create a custom offering tailored to your needs.

A good advertisement is one which sells the product without drawing attention to itself.
David Ogilvy

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