Taking your video content further

Have you ever thought about transcribing your videos? Not only does it suddenly make your videos accessible for people, it’s also a great way to add additional SEO benefits to your website. A lot of our clients struggle with writing copy (that’s why we are here), but many of them also have some great videos available. By taking these videos and putting them in a readable format we can add more content to your website.

Typical Videos

Typically, the videos we see are short videos 5 – 15 minutes in length. Of course longer videos can also be transcribed. Here are some example of video types we generally process:

  • Interviews with staff or clients
  • Product / service overviews
  • Company introductions videos
  • Podcasts
  • Conference videos
  • Training videos
  • Conference calls & meeting minutes
  • Radio / TV interviews & Press releases

Video closed captions

You can also edit your YouTube videos to have closed captions using these transcripts. Having closed captions on your video means that deaf and hard of hearing people can also enjoy your videos fully. We’ve also seen in the educational space having closed captions means that non-native speakers of English are then more likely to understand the video.

Closed captions for video
Closed captions appearing on the bottom of the video

Adding this transcript text is straight forward (see video below). You could also take it a step further by having it translated. You can upload more than one closed caption version to your YouTube video, allowing you to ‘translate’ your video without having to reshoot it.

Note: to have your video used for closed captions you need to get your transcription timestamped. We offer this service only at the time of transcription.

A typical project

  1. When your video is fully cut and edited and ready to be put online. You would either share the location of it on YouTube, or email us the video (.MOV, MP4, .AVI) or audio file (.MP3).
  2. We would then check the source for quality & clarity. Speakers with strong accents should generally be avoided.
  3. Then we would go through the video file and transcribe it while checking for any uncommon / unclear words or phrases.
  4. We would present you the final file for your quality checks.

Video transcription pricing

Typically prices range are around €4 / minute, and an additional cost applies if you need to have the text timestamped and / or translated.

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